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  1. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (May-2017, Farfetch)

    The 13th formal meeting was spurred by opportunity. Rosário Durão was passing through Portugal, and the date suddenly emerged as the only option to hear her in Lisbon. Farfetch accepted to host an evening meetup in the new Lisbon office, but required one of the speakers to be from Farfetch ...

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  2. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (March-2017, Feedzai)

    After some weeks of preparation, we finally held the 12th edition of Technical Writers @ Lisbon, this time at Feedzai's Lisbon office in Parque das Nações.

    Participants started arriving before and around 9AM as scheduled in a joyful mood and commenting about the amazing office view overlooking the Tagus river ...

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  3. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (Nov-2016, IPS)

    This 11th formal session introduced the roles and tasks of technical writers to MSc. students in Management of Information Systems.

    The class has ten working students, which attend the classes after their regular work. Students arrived at their own pace, with Prof. Ângela Nobre using the initial time to ...

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  4. Ways of visualizing science and technology: Results of an ethnographic pilot study with Portuguese and US engineers

    Eleven people attended the presentation by Rosário Durão at ISCTE. She presented her ongoing research on ways of visualizing science and technology.

    The VISTAC research project aims to distinguish between what is universal and what is culturally specific in visuals and visual conceptualization in different parts of the world.

    The ...

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  5. Technical Writing for Portuguese Product Companies

    The economic crisis in Portugal stimulated the creation of product companies that sell worldwide. Over time, these companies accumulate a capital of knowledge (technical, domain, user) that benefits from governance and engineering by dedicated professionals, traditionally called technical writers.

    Technical writers have the ability to learn, organize, and transform knowledge ...

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