1. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (May-2015, ISCTE)

    Carlos Costa challenged me to give a class on the importance of technical writing to his students of Software Engineering. However, he warned me that these students preferred technical topics and might despise management topics, for example. In the end, I decided to approach this class by recounting 21 of ...

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  2. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (April-2015, FCSH)

    Looking back at what Technical Writers @ Lisbon has achieved in the last two years, we surprised ourselves with the interest and quality of the presentations at our formal events. However, only a handful of people attended each presentation, and few people attended all of them.

    Professor Rute Costa accepted our ...

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  3. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (March-2015, informal)

    Twelve people attended the informal meeting at the bar “39 degraus” (29 steps) at Cinemateca Portuguesa.

    The first person arrived before 18h00, but the conversation started shortly after 18h10. People kept arriving as late at 20h00. Eleven people stayed for dinner, mostly with a choice of burgers or fresh pasta ...

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  4. Project presentation, EditorsLab in Lisbon

    The five minutes of presentation by the CódigoPro team were based on the seven slides below. I added the main points made on each slide.

    Slide 1
    Traditional business model

    Since I knew that most people in the room did not know CódigoPro, I spent precious minutes explaining the strengths of their ...

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  5. Secretary of State, EditorsLab in Lisbon

    Pedro Lomba, Secretary of State, visited the EditorsLab on Friday morning. Pedro has the curiously long title of “Adjunct Secretary of State of the Adjunct Minister for Regional Development”.

    Pedro publicly stated his enthusiasm for technology. He believes that journalism is not over, because individual creativity is not over.

    As ...

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  6. Data driven journalism, EditorsLab in Lisbon

    Ricardo Lafuente of Journalism++ talked about data journalism. He talked Thursday at 15:30, in Portuguese.

    Ricardo started by recalling that, in 2013, the New York Times interactive had 18 journalists and 30 graphical designers. If we have less money than them, we must remain frugal.

    In summary:

    1. Use free ...
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