Project presentation, EditorsLab in Lisbon

The five minutes of presentation by the CódigoPro team were based on the seven slides below. I added the main points made on each slide.

Slide 1
Traditional business model

Since I knew that most people in the room did not know CódigoPro, I spent precious minutes explaining the strengths of their business model, while holding an actual magazine in my hands.

  • CódigoPro exists since 2004.
  • Only four people: director/sales, journalist, designer, administrative.
  • Two monthly magazines (ÓpticaPro, DentalPro). 68-page magazine.
  • Three quarterly magazines (JoiaPro, OftalPro, and LabPro)
  • Occasional custom magazines.
  • Magazines are paid by advertising and distributed for free.
  • The readers love their magazines!

Slide 2
Grow outside Portugal?

The CódigoPro magazines are hight successful in their Portuguese niches. Could they grow abroad?

  • They are already doing the simplest thing, which is to publish PDF issues online.
  • They tried to mail issues to Angola, bus just mail in Angola is inconvenient.

Slide 3
The cover interview is the best part

Cover interviews show professionals working at their own place.

  • Details enable other professionals to improve their practice.
  • Photos and interviews provide vanity and recognition to experienced professionals.
  • We want to make the best even better, online.

Slide 4
Refine the cover interview

We started by refining the cover interview to make it more effective online, but the improvement also benefits the print issues.

  • More photos, to show instead of just tell, enabling visual storytelling.
  • More structure, to simplify both the work of the journalist and the reader.
  • More design, based on scenes, to let the design permeate the story, and to make stories beautiful.

Slide 5
Improve the cover interview

Add online features that engage readers and improve the overall experience.

  • Add a short video with a “summary statement”, showing off the interviewee, and drawing attention to the article.
  • Add interaction surrounding each cover interview.
    1. Email newsletter announcing new magazine issue.
    2. Collect votes and comments.
    3. Email follow-up newsletter with best comments.
    4. Repeat if controversy arises.

Slide 6
Design pattern

Capture the solution in a design pattern.

  • Nine conflicting forces shaping the solution.
  • Six consequences.
  • Recipe to interview.
  • Guidelines to craft article.

Slide 7
Final motto
From the best of tradition to even better, online.

You can guess that we had nothing new to show for slide 5, and that we run out of time to prepare slide 6.


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