1. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (June-2020, virtual)

    33 persons attended the 15th formal meeting, which took place virtually through the BlueJeans conference system. After the presentation by José Aragão, we challenged the participants to apply their new skills.

    20 persons accepted the challenge. We split the participants among five virtual rooms, and asked them to rewrite four …

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  2. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (May-2017, Farfetch)

    The 13th formal meeting was spurred by opportunity. Rosário Durão was passing through Portugal, and the date suddenly emerged as the only option to hear her in Lisbon. Farfetch accepted to host an evening meetup in the new Lisbon office, but required one of the speakers to be from Farfetch …

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  3. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (March-2017, Feedzai)

    After some weeks of preparation, we finally held the 12th edition of Technical Writers @ Lisbon, this time at Feedzai's Lisbon office in Parque das Nações.

    Participants started arriving before and around 9AM as scheduled in a joyful mood and commenting about the amazing office view overlooking the Tagus river. We …

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  4. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (Nov-2016, IPS)

    This 11th formal session introduced the roles and tasks of technical writers to MSc. students in Management of Information Systems.

    The class has ten working students, which attend the classes after their regular work. Students arrived at their own pace, with Prof. Ângela Nobre using the initial time to …

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  5. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (May-2015, ISCTE)

    Carlos Costa challenged me to give a class on the importance of technical writing to his students of Software Engineering. However, he warned me that these students preferred technical topics and might despise management topics, for example. In the end, I decided to approach this class by recounting 21 of …

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  6. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (April-2015, FCSH)

    Looking back at what Technical Writers @ Lisbon has achieved in the last two years, we surprised ourselves with the interest and quality of the presentations at our formal events. However, only a handful of people attended each presentation, and few people attended all of them.

    Professor Rute Costa accepted our …

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  7. Practitioners and academia at ISDOC'2014

    ISDOC‘2014 (Information Systems and Design of Communication) benefited from crossing the growing traditions of EuroSIGDOC conferences in Lisbon and informal practitioner meetings in Lisbon. Everyone involved was important.

    There was a warm atmosphere at the conference this year that contrasted with the contemplative mood typical in previous years. This …

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  8. Technical Writers @ Lisbon (October-2013)

    We had just 11 registrations, including organizers and speakers, but we also expected about 15 students of MOSS (Masters on Open Source Software) to attend. For personal reasons, several past participants informed us that they would not be able to attend.

    24 persons attended the meetup, including 14 MOSS students …

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