Talk: The Birth of a Company-Wide Wiki

Carlos Costa invited me to present my OSDOC'10 paper to his graduate students on open source software at ISCTE. The presentation took place in building ISCTE II, auditorium B203, Saturday, December 18th, at 11h00. ACM

Attendance was open. The expectation is that invited classes at ISCTE might start a local community of technical writers, possibly under the sponsorship of the new chapter EuroSIGDOC.


Slides A small software company with a worldwide presence uses one wiki to store or access most company information. Using open source software, the wiki started as a small team tool and then grew to reach technical people. An innovative content strategy proposal later extended the reach of the wiki to non-technical people. Five years later, the system is still the backbone of the company.

Crucial factors for the unusual adoption of the wiki included technical competence, judicious leadership, champions at the executive committee, and a compelling proof-of-concept.


Although initially I didn't think twice about it when Carlos Costa invited me to give the talk, I felt truly honored to tell my wiki story to his graduate students, which replied with interesting questions and observations.

Besides the graduate students, we collected the addresses of 12 extra attendees interested in attending other talks. Contact me or Carlos Costa if you would like to participate. MOSS


Slides of the presentation.

Photo by Paulo Ribeiro