Technical Writers @ Lisbon (September-2013, informal)

Eleven people attended the informal meeting at the terrace of Hotel Altis Avenida (and a few people noticed that there are other Altis Hotels in Lisbon).

The meeting started shortly after 18h00, and the last four people left the hotel at 21h30.

We just talked, together or in small groups, and we got to know the diversity of each others' work a little better.

Thanks to everyone that attended; I just hope that you have enjoyed the meeting as much as I did.

The view from Altis

The invitation

Following the very successful structured meetup on 22-June at ISCTE, we now propose a most informal and unstructured follow-up:


Wednesday, 25 September, starting at 18h00.
Terrace of Hotel Altis Avenida
(Rua 1º Dezembro 120, Lisboa
GPS: Lat. 38º 42’ 54’’ N Long. 9º 8’ 27’’ W).

Participation is free, although you are expected to pay for some food and beverages at the hotel bar. The photo should give you some idea of what the space looks like.

Although the Hotel knows that we will be there, we propose to occupy a few tables in the corner, and discuss whatever comes to mind while sitting around in small tables, moving between tables as needed.

There is no scheduled time to end. The informal meetup just ends when it ends.

There is no obligation to register but, to guard against surprises, could you please inform if you plan to attend?

If you feel that this particular kind of informal event does not work for you, please also inform Your voice will be taken into consideration when planning future informal events.

Later this year, expect another formal meetup, similar to the first one, but the details are still open for discussion.

Altis and castle

Institutional support

Technical Writers @ Lisbon has the support of: