Technical Writers @ Lisbon (November-2013, informal)

13 persons met for two hours of friendly conversations.

The group started gathering outside but, by 19h30, it was too cold to stay outside. As the six of us were about to occupy two small tables in the corner, more people started to arrive, and the employees quickly set up a large table.

When I chose the Irish pub with Carlos I was expecting to sit outside, in the large space pictured at the invitation. The drawback of the table inside was that we were mostly stuck in place, so only a few persons moved around during the meetup.

There were a lot of conversations around that large table, as well as five new faces. A friendly stranger took the photo (thanks!).

The unavoidable football match in the large TV became louder and more annoying with time. As the live music started at 21h00, we left the pub.

As a place for conversation of technical writers, the inside of the pub was too loud. But the pub might be a good place to return with fair weather.

The invitation

Greetings to all technical writers, and to everyone interested in technical writing!

It is time for an informal meeting before Christmas:

  • Wednesday, 27-November, starting at 18h00
  • Irish & Co. at Parque das Nações (Rua da Pimenta, nº 57 a 61, Parque das Nações — GPS: N 38º 46' 18'' | W 9º 05' 33'')

The participation is free, although you should pay for some food or beverages at the bar. The following photo should give you some idea of what the space looks like.


PS: Besides chatting and getting to know each other, we will also refine the plans for future meetings.

PPS: Note the conference UX-Lx in Lisbon, June 4th–6th. Expensive, but international. See

Institutional support

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