Technical Writers @ Lisbon (March-2014, informal)

Four people attended the informal meeting: Daniel Bofill, Laura Barros, Carlos Costa, and myself. We met at 18h30, and left at 22h15.

First we talked about structured writing and about upcoming conferences, namely TCUK’2014 (16–18 September, in Brighton, UK) and UX-Lx (4-6 June, in Lisbon).

Then we talked about the best way to have practitioners participate in ISDOC, which is being organized by Carlos Costa. The objective would be to create a session, perhaps even the whole Saturday, where people from the informal group and from APCOMTEC might participate fruitfully. Carlos invited me and Daniel to present our experience at the conference; Daniel was delighted with the invitation, while I wondered at the extra workload...

The invitation

As you may have figured out by now, we failed to have a formal meeting during February, mostly due to external limitations imposed by the change of semester at ISCTE.

We expect something to happen at the end of March but, in the meantime, an informal meeting is past its time:

  • Tuesday, 11-March, starting at 18h00
  • Me & You at Parque das Nações, Lisboa (Avenida Dom João II - Lote 1.17.03)

The participation is free, although you should pay for some food or beverages at the cafe/restaurant. The following photo should give you some idea of what the space looks like (with a bit of extra information on Facebook).