2023 Diana Award Winner: EuroSIGDOC

The unexpected news of the day (or the year, or the decade) is that EuroSIGDOC just won the Diana award, for their long-term contribution to the field of communication design.

EuroSIGDOC organizes conferences (ACM/ISDOC 2012, 2013, 2014, ACM/OSDOC 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), Seminars (Data Management 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) and talks, also collaborating with research projects. However, Technical Writers @ Lisbon is a unique project that distinguishes EuroSIGDOC — creating a special place for interaction between practitioners worldwide that may meet in Lisbon.

The work of Technical Writers @ Lisbon was one of the reasons for the award.

Announcement by SIGDOC, 10-Mar-2023

Hello, SIGDOC community—

On behalf of the SIGDOC Executive Committee, I'd like to formally announce the winner of the 2023 Diana Award:

EuroSIGDOC logo

  • EuroSIGDOC

As you can read on our website, the Diana Award is given every other year (or so); the award is named after Diana Patterson, past President of SIGDOC for three terms (1980-89). The award is given to an organization, institution, or business for their long-term contribution to the field of communication design.

EuroSIGDOC, ACM SIGDOC's European Chapter, consists of a group of researchers and practitioners wanting to pursue the SIGDOC mission in a European context. Like SIGDOC, EuroSIGDOC focuses on the design of communication as it is taught, practiced, researched, and conceptualized in various fields, including technical communication, software engineering, information architecture, and usability.

We encourage you to visit their website to explore the array of projects, talks, and collaborations they facilitate (eurosigdoc.acm.org). Most recently, the members of EuroSIGDOC have found success running a group called TechnicalWriters@Lisbon (TWL). We're pleased to have both Dr. Manuela Aparicio (Past Chair of EuroSIGDOC) and Dr. Carlos J. Costa (current SIGDOC Board member and Chair of EuroSIGDOC) attending SIGDOC '23 in Orlando, FL to give a keynote highlighting their work as well as the challenges and opportunities for technical writing in European contexts.

Please join me in congratulating EuroSIGDOC for all the work our lone international chapter has achieved.

Sincerely, the SIGDOC EC—
Dan Richards, Chair
Sarah Read, Vice-Chair
Susan Youngblood, Secretary-Treasurer
Jordan Frith, CDQ Editor
Emma Rose, Past Chair

Congratulations to EuroSIGDOC in academia!

Thanks to the 8 keynote speakers at EuroSIGDOC conferences:

  • Rob Pierce
  • Aristidis Protopsaltidis
  • Rosário Durão
  • Brad Mehlenbacher
  • Marco Neves
  • Scott Telly
  • Paulo Trezentos
  • Stefano Zacchiroli

Thanks to the 8 speakers at EuroSIGDOC talks:

  • Soraya Gonzalez Mendes
  • Carlos Bernardino
  • Valentina Timcenko
  • Reihaneh Hajishirzi
  • Manuela Aparicio
  • Isabel Pedrosa
  • Taras Panchenko
  • Tiago Carrondo

Thanks to the participants of the EuroSIGDOC e-learning and Gamification PhD Project:

  • Martinha Piteira
  • Manuela Aparício
  • Carlos J. Costa

Congratulations to Technical Writers @ Lisbon!

First of all, thanks to the 26 volunteer speakers and performers that have shared their knowledge with the community, so far:

Second, thanks to the 12 institutions that have sponsored our meetings, so far:

Third, thanks to all the attendees who shared their thoughts with the community as 137 public comments, either anonymous or with one of the 42 names below:

  • Aldina Rodrigues
  • Alexandra Matos
  • Ana Nascimento
  • Ana Rita Remígio
  • André Carvalho
  • Bruno Almeida
  • Catarina Duarte
  • Cátia Serrão
  • Daniel Bofill
  • Daniel Som
  • David Franco
  • Dinis Carvalho
  • Frances Gordon
  • Inês Sousa
  • Jaime Vasconcelos
  • Joana Oliveira
  • João Fernandes
  • João Lourenço
  • Joaquim Baptista
  • Jorge Leal
  • Jorge Quitério
  • Laura Barros
  • Lina Castro
  • Luís Almeida
  • Manuela Aparício
  • Marisa Campos
  • Marta Leocádio
  • Nuno Grazina
  • Nuno Pires
  • Paula Vaz
  • Paulo Ribeiro
  • Pedro Silva
  • Rogério Cardoso
  • Rosa Dias
  • Rui Costa
  • Rui Diogo Serra
  • Rui Monteiro
  • Rui Rodrigues
  • Sérgio Barros
  • Susana Correia
  • Susana Duarte Martins
  • Telma Casanova

Finally, thanks to all the enthusiastic attendees who shared both questions and knowledge alike, often in the same sentence. Your engagement and feedback rewards both speakers and organizers.

Together we have accumulated 118 hours of quality time in formal meetings with presentations, informal meetings with no agenda, and expeditions to APCOMTEC events in Aveiro and Porto.

  • 56h in 16 formal meetings with 373 participants and 41 talks.
  • 25h in 8 informal meetings with 62 participants.
  • 37h in 2 expeditions with 7 participants.
  • 40m in 3 interviews at SIGDOC 2021.

Congratulations to the dreamers!

A Portuguese poem says that dreams command life. However, not even in our wildest dreams did we expect to see our names honored in the company of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, which managed to create the object-oriented programming, the word processor, the laptop, and Ethernet, for which Robert Metcalfe just received the Turing Award on 23-Mar.

We acknowledge the dreaming of the EuroSIGDOC Boards (Aristidis Protopsaltis, Carlos J. Costa, Joaquim Baptista and Manuela Aparicio), the Portuguese Association APCOMTEC (Alexandra Albuquerque, Ana Rita Remígio, Joana Fernandes, João Ribeiro, Joaquim Baptista), and many colleagues, especially Rosário Durão.

This Diana Award must certainly be shared among the dreamers, the volunteers, and the participants.

The EuroSIGDOC Board,
— Manuela Aparicio
— Joaquim Baptista
— Carlos J. Costa

P.S.: This whole affair seems like April Fools, except that reality just managed to be stranger than fiction. On the other hand, have you seen the news lately?

P.P.S.: You are reading the fourth "finished" version of this article. After 24 days, we kind of hope this is the one.

P.P.P.S.: Technical Writers @ Lisbon happens when candidate speakers come forward. Care to share? Talk to us.