Projects and winners, EditorsLab in Lisbon

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Público, Contextualizando (winner):
A tool for newsrooms, enabling syndication of news related to breaking stories. Source newsrooms (for example, Público in Portugal) publish news with keywords and snippets (for example, background news related to the arrest of José Sócrates). Interested newsrooms (like O Globo in Brazil) can then automatically display related news to provide context when covering the story in Brazil, overcoming the lack of local knowledge about Portuguese politics. The syndication displays the snippet, the logo of the source newsroom, and a link back to the original newspaper.
MotorPress, Livro do Bebé, (special mention):
An app for pregnant women and recent mothers to collect information about their children. Although there are similar apps available, MotorPress believes that their brand carries weight with their readers. No mention was made on the protection of the data, which is both sensitive and valuable.
Reconquista, A Praça, (special mention):
A social network for expatriates, aiming to connect expatriates with people and events in their motherland village, or to connect expatriates that happen to live close to each other. The project leverages calendars and Google Hangouts.
Expresso A, Frater, (audience choice award):
An app for expatriates that aims to deliver newspaper articles in Portuguese related to the location of the expatriate. For example, a migrant in Paris would receive news in Portuguese related to Paris.
Expresso B, Clube da Saudade:
A books club over the Internet, where people talk with each other about books, music, or trending news.
Diário de Notícias, Estou aqui:
A map that visually shows news to expatriates, related to the place where they are. Expatriates can also report local news, and be challenged to cover local events or places by sending reports, photos, or videos.
SOL, Ler:
An app for books in Portuguese, with book-related news plus a recommendation engine that suggests other books.
SIC, Guia SIC:
An app to engage the audience of SIC International, by drawing their attention to current broadcasts using website content.
Nordeste, Trás para a Frente:
An app to deliver daily information based on reader location and preferences, at the level of the village. The app is a convenience delivery channel for the content of the radio station and the the weekly magazine.
CódigoPro, Professional Stories in Portuguese (my project):
A content strategy to improve the online presence of several magazines, aiming to engage readers and conquer audiences outside Portugal. The strategy improves on the successful cover story format of three paper-based magazines (ÓpticaPRO, JoiaPRO, and LabPRO).

Sample past winners

Evangeline showcased a few past winners:

In greater New York, suggest the best hospital for someone having a heart attack, based on scientific data about both the distance and the competencies of hospitals.
Migrant remittances
An elaborate interactive infographic that shows the current flows of migrant remittances, and its evolution over time. In particular, a graphic shows how migrant remittances are now much more important than foreign aid. After winning the competition, the project took 10 weeks more to develop, and provided national exposure to a local Austrian newspaper.
Flowers of integration
Explore Facebook to identify migrants and estimate their integration by counting the number of friends at home and abroad. Use the shape of flowers to depict the conclusions.
I pay this you pay that
Crowdsource the cost of common items (milk, butter, eggs) in terms of work time needed to buy them. Compare the costs at Germany with the costs worldwide.


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