Practitioners and academia at ISDOC'2014

ISDOC‘2014 (Information Systems and Design of Communication) benefited from crossing the growing traditions of EuroSIGDOC conferences in Lisbon and informal practitioner meetings in Lisbon. Everyone involved was important.

There was a warm atmosphere at the conference this year that contrasted with the contemplative mood typical in previous years. This warmer mood was manifest in the lively coffee breaks, the questions after each presentation, and the audience participation in the panel. For some participants, the relaxed late dinners and the late lunch on Saturday rounded up the experience.

The conference had at least 72 attendees (because the keynote address was an open session), including:

  • 16 practitioners
  • 27 students
  • 18 researchers
  • 11 academics.

The 3rd report Although the conference has its formal proceedings published in the ACM Digital Library, we created a 32-page report with the following:

  1. A reflection on the preparations for the conference, by the EuroSIGDOC board.
  2. A chronicle of what happened, by Laura Barros.
  3. The announcement of the keynote address. You will have to look for the slides elsewhere.
  4. The (long) transcript of the panel, by Joaquim Baptista.
  5. Slides of the experience report by Joaquim Baptista, with the illustrations of Patrícia Magrinho. These illustrations are not part of the experience report published in the proceedings.
  6. Slides of the closing address by Daniel Bofill.

You are welcome to join the activities of EuroSIGDOC and the informal group of “Technical Writers @ Lisbon”, and to suggest future activities.


Technical Writers @ Lisbon: The 3rd report
Report of the participation of Technical Writers @ Lisbon in ISDOC'2014. Includes the transcript of the panel, the presentation slides, and more detailed information. 32 pages.